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As we Transition to Discord and Guildwork this will be the last post I will make to FB and will soon delete the page coming at the end of this month for privacy reasons (I don't know why I didn't think of this before). So below is all the information you will need to make the transition easily:
Please make an account on the websites below:
Our Guildwork website:
TIoP Discord channel:
(Newly Created) Famfrit Channel:
FFXIV Unofficial Discord Channel:
For Discord: I recommend you make an account to make the transition a lot easier. Head to to start the process.
Discord also has IOS/Android App with VIOP features
PC download (not required; works in browser):
If you have any concerns or have questions on the app features. Please let me know. If everything goes right as planned this transition will help the Free Company grow as a well organized group that I surely hope others will enjoy coming in. Great changes will come and if I can make it happen. I will have Famfrit become a great server when people mention its name. Not the opposite that I have reading all the time. Please join in the motivation! If you have ideas let myself or Gat know so we can may bring it to the table.

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